( April, 2015 )

You have a secret,

Romantic desire,

To meet someone

Who will,

In a flash,

Sweep you off of your feet,

Transform your life into

Something meaningful,

Something worth living.

And when you meet this

Someone ineffable

Who makes you feel

a part of something,

Who dazzles you,

And breathes life in the

mundane existence you call Life.

Who fulfills the craving desperation

Clawing at you.

You misanthropic

Human, let it

Leave you, Stare

As it slips through

The gaps of your

Fingers, away,

away from your soul.

You don’t believe in love

Fate and destiny.

You don’t trust and


broken, wrecked, angry

In the shades of sorrow,

Hoping vainly,

To hold on to the memory

Feelings and the emotions

Which held you,


Empty of emotion again,

You begin tracing footsteps,

Or retracing them,

Taking you across

New frontiers and landscapes

Back to the never-ending

Sea of chaos and noise

Of faceless people passing you by

Stuck in relentless melancholy.

So permit me to ask,

Are you

Ready to lose yourself once again?



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