(June, 2015)


A hollow shell,
An existence
Empty of Emotion.

A hundred ways to walk
Spiral around me
Passages of my mind
Travelling to
The land of loss and
Abandoning me
Like New paths
And Old stories.

Moving to go forward,
Bringing dark nothingness.
I reach out my hand,
Only to grasp anxiety,
At every step.
The thread on which I hang
Returning me
To the hollow home
Where I began.

I long
For help
To guide me through the network
Of treacherous paths.
I cannot fight my way through.


18 thoughts on “Depression

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  1. Yes, I refused help and extended talks. People tried to make a victim out of me. I do not want to be a victim because “that label” makes things worse. I forced myself to go out and do things. You will have some weak moments but that is life. Deal with it.

    Every day become a stronger and better person, step by step. Control your mind and focus on what matters for you in the future. Stay pragmatic and do your thing.

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    1. It’s true, you have to deal with the sickness in your mind yourself. Only you can make yourself better.
      No, I’m not depressed, but everyone feels hollow from time to time. I am quite pragmatic.

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    1. Mm, hm. Agreed, They don’t. Only the ones that really care do, and those are the ones that matter at the end of the day.
      Thank You, that’s a great compliment.


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