No One.

“No, I understand that. Its like someone walked into your life and you know that its the “one”, and then you know you want to chase after that someone, because that someone is the “one” for you :).” – C., January, 2014.
(June, 2015)

Anytime you read a novel, the most interesting, the most loved characters are the flawed ones. The ones which make the wrong decisions, with internal struggles in their minds, the ones with whom you can relate to.

We spend years searching for the significant other in our lives, hunting for someone in our head, never realising the fallacy is that our search is only in our heads.

We don’t realise that who we search for isn’t what whom we should search for.
The harsh truth is, we wont ever find The One. He/She doesn’t exist.

They are a figment of our imaginations, It’s you letting your fantasy running away with you.

No one can know what you think. No one can understand you the way you understand yourself. No one can transform your life.

Someone who can understand you, get your humour, and is like how you want them to be? It all sounds well and true, but is this what you really want?

How about liking an individual, who just like you, is flawed? Who obsesses over various things, whose opinion can cause a shift in your view, who brings zeal into the monotony of your mind?

How about a human presenting a challenge to understand them, instead of them entering your life, perhaps the new kid in the classroom, a recently moved-in neighbour from out of town, someone you run into along the street? How about differentiating between fantasy and reality?

Really, who doesn’t like some drama, some ups and downs in life as in a well written novel? Something that would fascinate you, bring new twists at every turn of its pages.

You come to love the imperfections, the things that set them apart from others. Its just those flaws that give them an identity. Instead of looking for a sculpted artwork, look for someone you would actually like.

So open up, and let go of the check-list you’ve made for yourself. Open your eyes and breathe in the sounds, warmth, thoughts, ideas floating around you. Dump the inhibitions in the bin, form friendships, and appreciate the effort put in by every soul coming across you. It isn’t about finding perfection, it’s about making what you have perfect.

So remember, when you meet someone you like, tell them. No one will wait for you to catch up with them. If someone spends his or her time to understand you, make sure they get their due return.

There is a reason why we love stories where an ordinary, flawed person like us chases, successfully, someone well out of their league. Those are wonderful to behold. But save those for fantasy, and live life according to what will make you happy.

Her lips are devil red,
And her skin’s the color mocha,
She will wear you out,
She’s livin’ la Vida Loca.


9 thoughts on “No One.

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  1. I wasn’t looking for someone, at all, when my would-be love of my life seemed to materialize out of thin air. You’re right, I didn’t have a check list and I wasn’t seeking. But when I met her, I had to know more, to learn her and all that it entailed. It wasn’t some fantasy I created, it was all too real. Drama, ups and downs, flaws? We both have them in spades. Neither of us are perfect, by any stretch. But, as it turned out, we were perfect for each other. Seems the answers we seek are revealed to us when we aren’t looking for the wrong ones.

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    1. That’s quite heartening to know! I loved the last two lines, written like a writer. Why don’t you make her read these? You always praise her and appreciate her, she’ll love this.

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  2. Delightful (as usual).
    I’d take this moment to add how I find someone who knows and understands and gets you, frankly, boring.
    But then again, some things just fall into place, and I’ve long forgotten to worry about ‘the one’, a nonexistent being who remains just so, till we bring them to life in the form of an individual we see ourselves loving till the end of time.
    I hope that made sense. πŸ™‚

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