Another Regret To Live By-

Edit: Its inspired by ’13 Reasons Why’ and ‘By The Time You Read This’. I found both the books powerful with the topic of suicide.
I based this on all my conversations with people who were depressed, temperorily or clinically, all the feelings, anxiety, brutality even, they faced. This is my take on the topic, my own opinion on it. I hope you try to identify with it, but its quite subjective.


Layered agony rising from beneath,
Innocent words laying waste
To one thousand levels of a card castle
Blown away by a soft breath.

Profused pain and tarnished blood,
Broken trust laying cold to the bone
Of grievances, insinuations and false promises
Lacerated musings of a Fifteen year old
The faults running across her mind and soul.

Fascinating intricacies of ceilngs,
Knives dripping blood from arm
Screams of agony, Fairytales of laughter
Fantastic thoughts of freedom, craving of alarm.

The thousand names of injustice
And tyranny, ticked down one by one  like dominoes, pain exploding
From the vessels which carry the darkened, soiled blood of tragic heroes.

Cold days of grayscale and
Warm nights of black enlightening
The colours lining the broken paths
From the point of no return.

A word, a touch, some sense and purpose,
A search for escape from the fickle life,
Tears of injustice and cries of wrongs done,
Sipping the cracked soul dry.

Another soul among thousands gone dark,
Fly, bird, away from the cage of sorrows
For broken words and sunsets never go,
And the moon to never rise, no light, on the cold summer night.

Soft chirps on a dawn of stillness and holy silence,
A Dead Face and alive guilty faces,
For peace came when snatched from others,
Maybe at the cost of a life,
Beautiful memories of a Thousand bitter days,
Snuffed by the breath of Hades,
Never to see another light.

( Image courtesy – Owlhouse )


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