Dark Thoughts. (Part II of II)

Part 1

Darkness is the absence of light.

Across all ages, light has been worshipped and Darkness been frowned upon. Devils live in the dark, the grim reaper wears black. The Dark signifies Death. Light is associated with Joy, happiness and warmth. Darkness has always been condemned.

Maybe it’s the dark spreading the fear of the unknown.

Are we really scared of death? Or are we simply too afraid of leaving what we know, whether we are happy or not, for the unknown?

And are we really afraid of the dark, or are we fearful of venturing out in the absence of light, into the unknown?
The true beauty of the dark is that it helps us hide our most inner thoughts inside itself. Think of a room. A dark room. And you’re in it, along with a number of people.

People keep an unreadable expression in public. A different mask for different places. Home face, work face, street face, photograph face.

In the darkened room, however, there are no faces. Your mind knows that it’s too dark for your expression and your thoughts to be read. You are cocooned inside it, your privacy will not, cannot, be breached.
Safe, perfectly safe.
Unmask yourself and be liberated.
Since we can’t see into the dark, humans perceive that they cannot be seen in the dark either. We tend to think we are anonymous. Hence, whilst in the dark, you may feel more free, since no one can really read your emotions.

It’s one of the things that leads to people often going to the cinema for a first date, or being with your loved one in a darkened room, your anxiety cannot be read, and you’ll perceive your expressions to be unreadable. The awkwardness can thus, be avoided.
Psychological studies have shown that we self serve- show our true, negative sides and innermost desires-being more greedy, more dishonest amidst the dark, irrationally feeling invisible.

This can be likened to the internet. The internet offers us a bucket load of anonymity. It’s no wonder we have a plethora of profanity, explicity and hate here, since at the end of the day, we do blend in.

At this point, I wonder, how different would the Human race be, had we lived by the dark, and slept by the day?
How much darker?

Thank You for reading.
A shock of white could save you from your shadow
Why is the dark behind the moon?
Out of reach until the light is shattered.


20 thoughts on “Dark Thoughts. (Part II of II)

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  1. I have read part I and part II in succession. Interesting read and topic indeed.

    Thoughts are thoughts, how you symbolically interpret and process them is the personal aspect that makes you who you are. I prefer darker symbolism because the “everybody has to be happy and not think about the unknown” attitude of many people is one step away from stupidity in my opinion.

    To go Plato on this. Observing the sunlight from the shadows teaches you more about the quality of the light than standing in the light and staring into the sun. Warmth is enough, burning alive is unnecessary.

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    1. I think its human nature to be fearful of the unknown. Many dislike changes which served as an inspiration to ‘Who moved my Cheese’ (an insightful read, very short too).
      Ah, thats a really nice idea, I must say. I’ll be pondering this.
      Thank you for commenting, I like opinion. πŸ™‚


  2. I agree with the point that death and darkness both symbolize the unknown (in a way) and that we are very much scared of them. Personally, I’ve felt that curiosity is one good way to conquer fear of the unknown. To be curious of what lies beyond our realm of perception often lessens the fear of it.

    Separation brings pain in life, maybe in death it won’t matter.

    Good thinking πŸ™‚

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    1. I do agree with this, curiosity does help us adjust to changes and such. (You put it perfectly; Are you always this philosophical?)
      Lovely quote at the end! And thank you πŸ™‚

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  3. Like rura88, I read both parts successively and this post especially, touched me. On one hand, I do sometimes fear darkness because of the uncertainty, but like I’ve written in one of my previous posts, it’s not as if we even know for certain what’s going to happen the next second of our life. So why fear in the first place? On top of that, your logic here, is so practical as well. I’d never before thought of darkness as a place to hide or rather, a place to be free and uninhibited by others’ judgements. But, it’s true. Darkness can offer much, if we embrace it. Maybe uncertainty can be good, after all. πŸ™‚ Love the profound thoughts you’ve expressed, here.

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    1. Thats quite true, living too cautiously cannot constitute living.
      Darkness offering uncertainty and being a place to be free are separate, But Your theory is correct and offers something I didnt think about- darkness can be vastly practical, despite its uncertainty.

      Thank you, and thanks for dropping by!

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    1. I’m really sorry for replying so late, I somehow didn’t see this comment, Darshith.

      Yes, darkness does empower us, it’s a really intense illusion. Nights can be lovely and fiendish.
      Thank You for dropping by! πŸ™‚

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  4. Apart from the fact that both the parts were great, I’m just gonna answer that last question (which I think was rhetorical but eh).
    If we lived by the dark, we would get more time to sleep, for one.
    I would stay up late into the day to complete studying, like I stay up at night to do now.
    What am I even saying.
    This was great!


    1. It was about the effect light (or lack of it) as on our behaviour.
      If you find night to be a favourable time to study, then you may have been able to do so for longer hours, but the reason could also be the peace and quiet at Night, unlike the Chaos -Honking, people, other noise, telephones etc have during the day.
      Thanks you..

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