I wish to slip away all from my life, all that I have known of it. To hide, in the comfort of darkness and anonymity. It’s an inexplicable notion of solitude calling out to me. I crave it.

To leave and depart, away from friends, family and mindless acquaintances. Live a life alone among strangers. Maybe in the echoing mountains. They aren’t too far from here.

It sometimes gets too much, running the rat race, failing to excel despite pushing myself to, incessantly. We have stopped living for ourselves. Our lives have crumbled away, leaving a simple, meaningless existence.

I hate to put on different masks for different situations, places-school, home, road, friends. Every day. Every moment. Mentally taxing, emotionally draining events being repeated in a monotonous note.

We photograph not to capture memories, but to make our lives seem better than they are. We are making our lives shallow, selling our souls simply for acceptance. It’s a vicious circle.

The concrete boxes we live in, are emotionless, faceless. The world isn’t beautiful anymore, it’s dull and drab. We’ve destroyed the true natural beauty and paid the price. All for small, shiny things and paper, momentary comforts.

Nothing we build, we create, is beautiful. Love is fickle, the charm of its true melody is lost amongst the dense sea of chaos, the mindless chatter of the world.

There is this notion within me. To, once again, live my own life. To leave, Breathe freely again, rediscover the joy of innocence.

I wish to find purity, the lost joys of innocence. Call it nostalgia if you wish.

Those days are long gone. I have become birdled now, accepting the frailities of society, unable to change it.

My best moments have been when I smile, not laugh. When there is warmth and love flowing amidst the air. It’s all impure now. We live for others, not ourselves.

I dream to perchance upon solitude and not let go. To forget about a thousand worries biting me everyday, and leave it all behind. To be able to say that I left for a better future. A wholesome, complete life.

I wish for a departure.



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      1. Been there. This poem speaks to me. There was one time when I wanted to go somewhere I knew no one and when I wanted to be completely by myself. Sure there are ways to change the status quo, but how to go about it eludes me at this point.


      1. Agreed, then I tell myself that it could be worse and accept that more effort is required.

        I keep doing my thing, that is all I can do in this life.

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      2. Absolutely. I think it’s more important to stick by your own ideals than change them over for the world.
        Some adjustments are always needed, however.

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  1. You have this amazing way with words that I both envy, and love.
    And sometimes, I think that is the biggest compliment one could ever get, so be content with the knowledge.
    Also, I can relate.

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    1. That’s indeed a very flaterring compliment, one of the best you could get, agreed, but I would put it down more towards the constant reediting and corrections made to my work, due to which I post only once a week, as I want my work to be something I’m satisfied with.
      TL;DR: Thanks.

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  2. I’ve felt like this, frequently at times. But I’ve learned to create my own happiness, even though others may desire to prevent it. To them, I say, “fuck off”! When it’s all too much, I retreat. Life in the rat race is overwhelming at times, especially to one who’s a loner by nature. Living in the peace and solitude of the country helps me deal with assholes trying to burst my bubble. Find your bubble, and don’t let any ill wishers burst it.

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    1. A loner, really? I think you would like some company from time to time, Humans are social beings. But then, the company should be plausible too..
      And thank you, I enjoyed reading your comment, it gets very bad at times, I agree. πŸ™‚

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      1. I do like interaction with others…when I’m in that mindset. But when my nature kicks in, and I feel the need to retreat, I’m happy I have a sanctuary to do so. I’ve never been one to HAVE to be around others though. Just a handful of close friends, my wife, and my boys is good enough for me. I’m not necessarily a hermit, but I enjoy time alone very much.

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      2. Introverted it seems. I agree, I’m very similar.
        No there isn’t anything wrong, rather the opposite that you are satisfied being with the ones you are closest to.
        Nice meeting you!

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  3. A very thoughtful and thought-provoking post, Udit. Modern life is fast and furious, and often leaves us feeling confused and frustrated by the speed with which our way of life changes. Old values constantly fade. It’s good to take a step back sometimes, and evaluate our roles in life. We can’t change that hum-drum life of big business and industrialisation, but we can all find a quiet place to reflect on what life is about and how we want to live it. Lovely photo.

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    1. This completely surmises my thoughts regarding this post, Millie. The modern world, with the advance in technology may help us do things with no effort at all, but we have failed to introspect within ourselves to find the true beauty of life within the time. Capitalism..


      1. The pleasure is all mine. I’m always delighted to be corrected. You write very eloquently and honestly. And certainly know your stuff.

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  4. That’s so relatable – one of the reasons why I was frustrated yesterday… Having to live around people who – not that they don’t refuse to see – but who can’t see what’s wrong with the fake lives they are living. And nothing can get more frustrating than that.

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    1. Thank You, Sheth.
      Admittedly, this is particularly what I wanted to say from this post, you have hit the bulls-eye. It’s irritating to see people live in shallow materialisms and not really feel real joy in their lives. However, it’s not possible to feel that all the time, is it?

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      1. Granted it’s not possible to feel real joy all the time, but then, define “real joy.” And even then, it’s not necessary that they should take solace in shallow materialism, as you put it.

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      2. Real joy is the one you described above. But I’m saying it’s impossible to not find some happiness, even shallow, in materialistic pleasures. I’m not disagreeing with you, rather adding another point.

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