I tip toe around your soul. I wait for you to come out every night, but you never come until dawn, when I have faded away.

My red eyes follow you- every shallow movement, every breath, every twitch.
You sense me. You feel me. You pull your sheets around yourself. The night doesn’t grow any warmer, it’s still as cold as ever. You hide from me.

But nothing remains hidden from me, you see.

I’m omnipresent.

Try all your might, you can’t escape me. I’ll crawl to you, softly filling your lungs, choking you. I’ll enter your mind, bewitching you. I’ll enter your heart.

Welcome to the illusionment.

You say I bring pain.
I don’t.
I thrive on it.

I’m your worst nightmare. I’m your dreams. I’m your first thoughts at dawn. I’m the scream of your nightmares, I’m the soft footsteps tracing your past, always following you.

I’m the unknown, the unquantifiable.
I cannot be seen or touched.
But I can be felt, everytime you close your eyes.

Everytime you look into the dark, I’m there, watching.
I’m your regret, your embarrassment, your sadness.
I can incapicitate you.

I’m your Fear.

Let me In.

You know it’s thriller, thriller night
You’re fighting to survive inside a killer, thriller tonight.
Peur* is Latin for Fear.

Darker, but this was quite fun to write!


40 thoughts on “Peur.

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  1. Oh goodness! You’re a genius! How I loved each line! And the end specifically is amazing! Also I loved the same lines as Gauri did and this is mind-blowing –
    “But nothing remains hidden from me, you see.
    I’m omnipresent.”
    Well, I shouldn’t be picking portions, the entire thing is a beauty.
    Now, I am getting excited to read more from you!
    Take care, best wishes πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Don’t worry, if you read my first few posts, they were very basic. I’m not too good, I only started writing acceptably once I got more and more original ideas, along this time I stopped writing poetry-my limited vocabulary didn’t allow me to perfect rhyme and meter, especially since I don’t see a way out of this, my vocabulary is already higher than those around me, so it’s not bound to improve much.

        Also, I post once a week-giving me time to edit my posts through constant re-reading. I currently have 5-6 posts still sitting, complete. But I’ll let them simmer- a few weeks give me ample time to add a quote, or remove a few unnecessary lines. The more I do so, the more my posts are appreciated, believe me. And I enjoyed reading your work too, hence the follow.

        Thank you. (I’m not sure you wanted a short story for a response, though πŸ˜‰ )

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Ha! I don’t mind the novella responses. I tend to be the same way. I enjoy the back and forth. Hell of a lot better than a quick “thanks” then no other response. Thanks for checkin’ my stuff out. Really appreciate it.

        Liked by 2 people

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