The Flow~

The moment a sudden gust of inspiration hits you.

When words ease off your mind, taking smooth, precise shapes on paper.
When you feel you can write a thousand graceful words effortlessly.

It’s every writer’s dream.

At times, an idea strikes you, and you sit and write, unable to move before your work is complete.

Maybe when you’re able to write down your thoughts with perfect clarity, just as you wish to, and you let the words flow off of you.

Your pen cannot go wrong, your words need not be rewritten.

We seek inspiration in beauty- a walk in the park, a memorable sight, a wave of nostalgia.

Some may seek to imagine, forming visuals in their minds as they shape ideals using a few phrases and well-placed words.

Create new worlds, express new emotions, and transcend reality.



15 thoughts on “The Flow~

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  1. I love, love, LOVE the last line. And gosh you’re right; those few moments, rare as they may be, are a writer’s paradise. The whole write-up was beautiful. I also loved how you write about writing, like an extended pun of sorts. Thank you, for putting into words, the emotions of every writer ever.
    P.S. I’d love to know – what drives you? What’s your muse or inspiration? What’s that writing process like?

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    1. Deepika Padukaune is my inspiration. Oh, you’re not laughing.
      Dunno. I only write well when I feel a strong emotion or a desire about something. Some feeling. And then I relate it to something else and write about the something else, to describe the earlier feeling. Thats when I write best atleast.

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