Shorts – II

Doses of wit and wisdom discarded in the rubbish bin.

20. The less predictable you are, the more memorable you become.

19. If any task on your to-do list takes less than a minute to be complete, do it NOW. Avoids cluttering up your schedule and mind over simple tasks.

18. Ravana, the Hindu mythological figure, has 10 faces. That’s five times as many as an average human.

17. It isn’t that no one helps you when you feel down and low. You feel down and low because no one is there.

16. You can’t excel everytime you try.

15. You can’t solve your problems today. Or tomorrow. Or an year from now. They’ll come, and you’ll have to meet them, one by one. And then new problems will come to replace the old ones.

14. Love is hypocritical when you feel your worth is measured by your date.

13. In order to reconnect with someone, we first need to disconnect.
And disconnect, we must do.

12. People come and people go, but true friends stay forever. Take care of them.

11. The Illusion of love is powerful, and it takes a long and deliberate effort to break it.

10. There are two kinds of people in the world.
One, who fill silences by meaningless banter.
Two, who accept the silences, and let it speak what words can’t.

9. I use waste paper, labels, old magazine covers, anything which can be discarded away to write honestly what I feel about anyone, before I discard the manuscript. And the person.

8. You are ready to be a parent when you’re willing to spend your time, money and knowledge for someone without expecting anything in return.

7. When faced with an obstacle in our lives, we retreat to seek our family’s help and support, no one else’s. However, other times we disregard them. At the end of the day, it’s family that will always be there for us, and no one else.

6. Indians can talk about studies, careers and results all day long, but cannot commit to small talk about much else. Sad state of affairs, this pursuit of success.

5. Save a piece of your opinion, thoughts and ideas safely. Open it after an year, and be surprised at the change in your opinion.

4. We judge people on their actions, it’s a natural human tendency to do so. But only when we ourselves are in the same spot, do we actually see what led a person to do what they did, and respect them. It’s imporant to step into someone’s shoes.

3. Music is subjective, don’t judge someone else’s taste, they see some meaning in songs they like which you can in yours.

2. When you lose touch with a person, what hurts the most is that you can’t share a part of your life, anything you’d like to tell them, anymore.

1. They miss you if they can’t find someone to replace you.


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