Dark Thoughts. (Part I of II)

I have an attraction to darkness. Not just the colour black, but the absence of light. Its calming, somehow. Where no one can see me, no one can pull me down.

At nights, if I have trouble sleeping, I leave my room and head out. It may be 1 am or later, but at those moments I feel alive, full to the brim with a sense of awaiting fulfillment. No streetlighting, few stars, instead it’s the glinting moonlight which adds a silvery touch to the shrubs and the leaves of trees. And I find that strangely beautiful. An exotic, galactic rush of silver.

The Sky is always a lovely velvet, with a star or two twinkling in the distance, themselves lost in the ever encompassing sky. They are my sole companions, winking at me from far away.

I find tranquility when I am the only soul who moves, playing a game of shadows with myself. The night is so beautiful and lovely, full of infinite possibilities waiting to be tapped into.

Yet I wish for it to be darker still. Dark enough for me to hide from my demons.


Paint me a wish on a velvet sky
You demand the answers but I don’t know why in my mind
There is no time.

(Image copyright – Noupe.com)


26 thoughts on “Dark Thoughts. (Part I of II)

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  1. “Yet I wish for it to be darker still. Dark enough for me to hide from my demons”

    lol….. Have you forgotten that ‘demons live in the dark’? Haahaahaaaa
    lovely piece. I sure can relate to this, Its the only time one can feel close to being alone in this world.

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  2. “full of infinite possibilities”

    I like to let my mind wander when I wander outside at night. The dark path is like an almost-dream, not wholly formed, not certain, with outlines and shadowy suggestions; and no ugliness, no blemishes, no harsh or banal intrusions. Just thought, a philosophical mood, peacefulness, mystery.

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  3. Darkness is but the absence on light, a canvas upon which we paint all we wish in all the invisible tones of black our love of darkness commits to us
    To hold such power in that moment will reinforce all the will to endure the overloading blindness of light filled places we have to walk between the nights

    Truly sublime and so in touch with something shared by so many
    I bow to your craftsmanship with the pen

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