It doesn’t matter if your pursuit is trivial, undesirable or unconquerable.

The ends should be high, so very high, that the tribulations you meet along the journey should be satisfaction within themselves.

The ends aren’t meant to be attained. Life isn’t supposed to be easy, silver spoons don’t exist outside the realm of fantasy.

Only the means matter. The journey either breaks you, or shapes you for the next thousand and one battles to come.

Don’t give up on them.

You are not human. You are a fighter. You are the billion seconds of existence, of thought and action, you are the blood that throbs in your veins and the sweat that pours down your face when you reach the peak of the mountain.

Greatness cannot be achieved without obsession, and obsession breeds progress, and progress breeds motivation.

They say when you chase after the truest desires of your heart, the whole world itself forges the path for you towards its achievement.

Chase them.



Hear me say I’ll rise up ’til the end
Hear me say I’ll stand up for my friends
And I crash to the ground
And it’s just my own sound
I drop in the blink of an eye
I’m colorblind


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