Her hand lay across the red-and-white checked table. I didn't move mine, I let it stay near me, comfortably away from hers. Too many people were around us, and I've always been shy. Her chocolate brown eyes don't meet mine either, they are too busy staring away, at someone else's. Our position in the hunt... Continue Reading →

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I wish to slip away all from my life, all that I have known of it. To hide, in the comfort of darkness and anonymity. It's an inexplicable notion of solitude calling out to me. I crave it. To leave and depart, away from friends, family and mindless acquaintances. Live a life alone among strangers.... Continue Reading →

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I breathe in the view around me- I stand on the mountaintop, watching the lights twinkle under the darkening sky. I feel the pulse of life- The city buzzes with energy, those who slogged through the day to live for the night. The yellow beams of cars dance, luminous advertisements, brightness emanating through windows, all... Continue Reading →

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One where I discover my hidden superpower.

At the midnight hour, when the clock strikes twelve,  when the whole world sleeps, a petrolhead turns eighteen, and only one thought crosses his mind. Driving License. Freedom. (...and driving lessons). ______________________________ Ravi smiles at me, 'Come, take the keys, son.' His kindly eyes are not able to hide the not so subtly hidden 'Oh-god-another-kid-who-I'll-have-to-help-add-to-the-already-overflowing-road'... Continue Reading →

Shorts – II

Doses of wit and wisdom discarded in the rubbish bin. 20. The less predictable you are, the more memorable you become. 19. If any task on your to-do list takes less than a minute to be complete, do it NOW. Avoids cluttering up your schedule and mind over simple tasks. 18. Ravana, the Hindu mythological... Continue Reading →

The Complete Circle.

On the outisde, you show no signs of affliction. You pass smiles, laugh, and speak like you always do. People meet you. People leave you. Life moves on. You move on. Everything is plain and ordinary, life remains as banal as ever. Underneath the serenity, however, and somewhere amidst the ocean your heart is, a... Continue Reading →


Chaos: The light of dawn coming through the window wakes her up. The blanket lies in a crumpled heap. The floor is lined with the pieces of the stupid cards, torn apart in her last fit of frustration, sickly-sweet smelling flowers, roses, all reminders of people, people with pig-faced smiles, people who can't keep promises.... Continue Reading →

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