Her hand lay across the red-and-white checked table. I didn't move mine, I let it stay near me, comfortably away from hers. Too many people were around us, and I've always been shy. Her chocolate brown eyes don't meet mine either, they are too busy staring away, at someone else's. Our position in the hunt... Continue Reading →

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I wish to slip away all from my life, all that I have known of it. To hide, in the comfort of darkness and anonymity. It's an inexplicable notion of solitude calling out to me. I crave it. To leave and depart, away from friends, family and mindless acquaintances. Live a life alone among strangers.... Continue Reading →

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I breathe in the view around me- I stand on the mountaintop, watching the lights twinkle under the darkening sky. I feel the pulse of life- The city buzzes with energy, those who slogged through the day to live for the night. The yellow beams of cars dance, luminous advertisements, brightness emanating through windows, all... Continue Reading →

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Marriage story

Your hands, how alien they feel on me. Unwanted, undesirable, impure. Your touch repels me. Every time I see you, hear you speak, the mundane drivel, tasteless, meaningless. It's a pattern of life you call organized, a structure, a way of living. I do not like the way you walk, the ugly sounds your footsteps... Continue Reading →

Dream Storm

I like to think about how things would be if I didn't exist anymore. What if I die tomorrow? Who'll miss me? Who'll mourn for me? Who'll not care at all? Will there be a grand funeral? A few tears shed, a few words spoken, agonized. It's strangely comforting, to sit idle for an hour,... Continue Reading →

Dread and Nausea

Something's shifted within me. I am disconnected from my environment. I reach out but I'm unable to touch anything. I am wrapped in a bubble, a dispassionate cocoon. No one can feel me, or feel the way I feel. Everytime I struggle and writhe within my powerless existence, failing to break through the bubble, my... Continue Reading →


You make a thousand decisions everyday. A small number of important ones, and a large number of not-so important ones. Some of these turn out for the better. Good choices. However, some don't. How many times have you lied awake at night, wondering, what if? What if retrospectively you had chosen something else, one of... Continue Reading →

One where I discover my hidden superpower.

At the midnight hour, when the clock strikes twelve, when the whole world sleeps, a petrolhead turns eighteen, and only one thought crosses his mind. Driving License. Freedom. (...and driving lessons). ______________________________ Ravi smiles at me, 'Come, take the keys, son.' His kindly eyes are not able to hide the not so subtly hidden 'Oh-god-another-kid-who-I'll-have-to-help-add-to-the-already-overflowing-road'... Continue Reading →

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