Chaos: The light of dawn coming through the window wakes her up. The blanket lies in a crumpled heap. The floor is lined with the pieces of the stupid cards, torn apart in her last fit of frustration, sickly-sweet smelling flowers, roses, all reminders of people, people with pig-faced smiles, people who can't keep promises.... Continue Reading →



What do you do when you are at a crossroads without a map?


There is only one person who can figure it out and share this Post to George, and If It's you, S, please don't. For once, a humorous post. _______________________________________ And there I sat, contemplating my meaningless existence in this vivid world, when George* danced into my life. Wait, this sounds too dramatic. I must begin... Continue Reading →


The lives of so many individuals have intersected and criss-crossed, often leaving a mark on them for the remaining journey of our lives.

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