The best pace is a suicide pace, and today is a good day to die.



There is only one person who can figure it out and share this Post to George, and If It's you, S, please don't. For once, a humorous post. _______________________________________ And there I sat, contemplating my meaningless existence in this vivid world, when George* danced into my life. Wait, this sounds too dramatic. I must begin... Continue Reading →


The lives of so many individuals have intersected and criss-crossed, often leaving a mark on them for the remaining journey of our lives.


Her hand lay across the red-and-white checked table. I didn't move mine, I let it stay near me, comfortably away from hers. Too many people were around us, and I've always been shy. Her chocolate brown eyes don't meet mine either, they are too busy staring away, at someone else's. Our position in the hunt... Continue Reading →

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